Rebekah Coval (Associate Therapist)

Rebekah Coval (she/her) is an individual and couples therapist with a broad range of interests. She is especially interested in exploring interpersonal dynamics and working with clients to rebuild their sense of self after traumatic relationships or experiences. Other interests include issues related to spirituality, discernment, pregnancy/pregnancy loss, sexual shame, low self-esteem, and chronic pain/chronic illness. Rebekah recently spent a year working in Bolivia with adolescents who experienced sexual abuse, using psychodrama to help survivors find their voice. She is proficient in Spanish and can support Spanish-speaking clients who may struggle to express themselves fully in English.

Rebekah is also trained in dance movement therapy and believes the body provides invaluable information that can be used as a part of the therapeutic process. She helps clients explore their life stories and unconscious emotions through body awareness and movement. Rebekah seeks to foster a deeper integration of body, mind, and spirit in all of her clients.

Rebekah Coval (Associate Therapist)'s Resume


  • Pennsylvania: Working towards licensure, under supervision
  • New Jersey: Working towards licensure, under supervision

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