Raegan Galleher (Intern Therapist)

Raegan Galleher (she/her) is an intern therapist at the Center for Growth. Her internship runs from May 15, 2023 - May 8, 2024. She is currently working towards her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Temple University. She is available for in-person and virtual therapy at the Ocean City NJ & Art Museum PA offices.

Raegan grew up in California and received her undergraduate degree in Communications Studies from San José State University. She loves living in Philadelphia with its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse communities. She is dedicated to living and serving the people of Philadelphia in her therapy practice after graduation. She currently enjoys the opportunity to explore new parts of the city, try new restaurants, and take long bike rides.

Raegan has experience working with college students from all walks of life. Before joining The Center for Growth, Raegan closely mentored students during challenging and fundamental transition periods in their lives. In working with students struggling with anxiety, depression, personal/ family issues, and addiction, she has developed a strong desire to promote health, well-being, and emotional growth in others.

Raegan is interested in working with teens, adults, couples, and those that experience issues like depression, anxiety, body image concerns, family issues, adjustment difficulties, grief, relationship concerns, identity exploration, and spirituality issues.

Raegan focuses on providing a positive, non-judgemental, and supportive environment for all her clients. She understands firsthand that seeking therapy can be intimidating whether it be your first time, or if you’re returning. Regardless of your reason for seeking counseling, Raegan wants to ensure all clients feel listened to and empowered. Therapy with Raegan is focused on identifying personal strengths, coping mechanisms, and goals to help you be the best you can be. She takes a collaborative approach to help clients explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. She believes that each person has unique strengths and qualities that make them who they are and that each person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. You’ll find that Raegan is attentive and committed to developing a strong therapeutic relationship. Raegan is flexible in her treatment modalities to help find what works best for each client.

Raegan believes that access to mental health care is a human right. She believes that everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status deserves to be seen, heard, and respected. She commits to acknowledging the different barriers clients face when seeking therapy, whether internal or systemic. After making the difficult decision to come to therapy, we all face other barriers that can prevent us from getting the care we need. Sometimes it’s fear of others' perceptions if we start going to therapy. Other times it's financial burdens or lack of free time that create barriers that seem impossible to overcome. Raegan dedicates time and space to the counseling session to help create a plan to alleviate the stress surrounding these obstacles.

Raegan’s Approach to Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can create positive change that improves and strengthens relationships. Raegan understands that seeking help in a relationship can be difficult and vulnerable. There is a multitude of reasons that a couple might seek out help, whether it be infidelity, grief or loss, premarital counseling, sexual issues, or even a relationship tune-up. Whatever the reason, Raegan is focused on providing a space where couples can come to identify goals, improve their communication, and resolve conflicts. She works with all parties to identify pressing concerns and areas for growth. Whether you are working on large issues, or working to maintain the strengths of your relationship, Raegan seeks to provide tangible strategies to help couples meet their goals. Raegan welcomes all types of couples, including members of the LGBTQIA+/ queer couples, non-monogamous, and polyamorous couples.

Raegan’s Approach to Client-Centered Therapy

To facilitate an empowering therapeutic experience, Raegan draws from client-centered therapy to show empathy, support, and acceptance to her clients. Some of the benefits of this type of therapy can be self-actualization, self-confidence, self-compassion, bolstered motivation, and authenticity. Often, it’s easy to lose sight of the unique strengths that we each possess and we can get lost in the complexities of life; it can feel impossible to reach our goals. Raegan is devoted to helping clients discover these strengths and find resilience.

Raegan’s Approach to Emotions-Focused Therapy

Raegan also draws from the Emotions Focus Therapy Theory which acknowledges that emotions are a big part of everyday life. Sometimes unexplored emotions can lead to us experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship problems. Emotions are a core component of the human experience and Raegan helps clients identify and express their emotions in a safe and supportive environment. In this practice, clients can develop a greater understanding of themselves and learn tools to identify and regulate their emotions.

Raegan’s Approach to Attachment Theory

Attachment theory can give helpful language to the relationship bonds we experience with others. Because humans are social beings, the relationships we form with others matter and the qualities of those relationships can affect our mental health. Understanding the type of attachment we have to others, whether it be avoidant or secure, can help clients work on their self-esteem and the quality of their current and future relationships. Raegan draws from this theory to help clients identify patterns of attachment and work to become secure in more of their relationships.

Raegan’s Approach to Narrative Therapy

The stories we tell ourselves about our life can have a powerful effect on our mental health. Raegan uses narrative therapy, a collaborative therapeutic approach, to help clients identify their values and skills to gain a deeper understanding of how what we tell ourselves impacts our lives. Knowing yourself, where you’ve come from, and what you need are powerful tools in self-realization. Raegan has a special interest in hearing and exploring people’s stories. She believes that each client has a unique life story, and understanding that story is a fundamental part of the therapeutic process.

Raegan’s Approach to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Raegan draws from cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients identify how thought patterns influence their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Often negative thought patterns can make us feel stuck in cycles we wish we could change. These thoughts can leave us with damaged self-esteem, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Cognitive Behavioral therapy can create a helpful, structured way of looking at identifiable thought patterns and how they influence our everyday behaviors. Raegan helps clients identify these patterns and develop coping skills to challenge harmful thoughts.

NPI: Working towards a Master of Education, Counseling Psychology


  • Pennsylvania: Working under supervision
  • New Jersey: Working under supervision

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