Ooreeel Flowers-Chandler (Intern Therapist)

Ooreeel Flowers-Chandler is an Intern Therapist at The Center for Growth [05/16/22-05/05/23] and is currently working toward a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling at Alvernia University. Ooreeel received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Cornell University. Ooreeel strives to create a warm and welcoming environment for all clients. Her goal is to empower clients to become the most authentic and unapologetic versions of themselves. With a sensitivity to multicultural and LGBTQ+ concerns, Ooreeel seeks to work with clients of all backgrounds.

Ooreeel is interested in Person-Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Psychodynamic theories to help clients uncover underlying issues and work towards unlearning maladaptive behaviors, while remaining compassionate to each client's situation. Because each person has their own unique experience, Ooreeel will offer a non-judgmental presence and utilize skills suited to address each client's therapeutic concerns.