Olivia Miller (Intern Therapist)

Olivia Miller (Intern Therapist)

Olivia Miller (she/her/hers), Graduate Student and Intern Therapist, offers telehealth counseling and psychotherapy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Olivia’s work is focused on psychotherapy for trauma, family of origin dysfunction, sex therapy, grief therapy, and welcomes relational work such as couples or family counseling.

Olivia Miller (she/her) is an Intern Therapist at The Center for Growth and graduate student completing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Northwestern University. Olivia offers a collaborative, non-judgmental, safe environment for all her clients. She strongly believes that building a collaborative therapeutic alliance is fundamental for her clients to feel safe to grow. And she strives to encourage her clients to make meaning through their adversity, and empowers clients to recognize their resiliency. Her intention in the counseling room is to build trust and to help her clients feel heard, understood, and build on self-compassion and autonomy. Olivia is confident that all her clients will move innately towards self-discovery and self-actualization when this environment in the counseling relationship is created.

Although she is psychodynamic-oriented, Olivia’s therapeutic approach is often integrative, eclectic, and truly rooted in meeting clients where they’re at. Some other theoretical orientations she chooses to honor are: person-centered, multicultural/feminist approaches, narrative therapy, and emotion-focused therapy. Through her eclectic lens, she also encourages tools and understanding in things such as mindfulness, yoga, breath work, meditation, attachment theory, and somatic therapy techniques. When appropriate, she also welcomes creative therapeutic relief such as humor and expressive arts! Olivia is committed to an anti-racist, LGBTQIA+, culturally competent framework, and encourages these topics to be broached in the counseling room. She aims to be particularly mindful of the intersectionality gender, race, culture, religion, age, sexuality, etc. can have on an individual’s reality and identity. Not only is she committed to being an informed clinician, but she’s also committed to helping her clients awaken to how the systems or identities they occupy can impact their lives. Olivia recognizes how challenging it can be to seek therapy and she is thrilled to be a part of your healing journey.

Olivia has a background in working in non-profit organizations with at-risk youth and families involved with child welfare agencies. With a background in social work, she brings a strong understanding to the ways our social identities and systems impact our wellness. She aims to be a strong advocate for her clients and recognize the barriers clients face within their everyday lives. Olivia went back to school with the hope to reach even more populations of people seeking support and to gain more knowledge on how to best help people with their mental health. Outside of her professional role, you might find her practicing yoga, meditating, dancing, listening to music or a podcast, drinking too much coffee, traveling, or scrapbooking! After graduation and completion of her internship, Olivia hopes to become a certified yoga instructor, expand her expertise in trauma-informed care, become AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) certified, and attend training through The Gottman Institute to best work with couples and families in the therapy room.

Olivia approaches therapy by encouraging her clients to face themselves with curiosity and radical acceptance. She understands first-hand just how challenging it can be to be vulnerable with others and does her best to move at the pace most comfortable for her clients. Olivia is described by clients as warm, humorous, insightful, supportive, and encouraging. She is truly here to meet you where you’re at in your healing journey!

At The Center for Growth, Olivia offers individual therapy to both adults and children/adolescents, as well as couples and family therapy. Olivia also co-facilitates the Grief & Loss Support Group here. She is only offering telehealth sessions to clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey at this time. Olivia takes special interest in the following areas:

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Olivia’s Approach to Trauma Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Whether a client is aware they’ve experienced trauma or not, Olivia is trained to always use a trauma-informed approach to treatment. A core belief Olivia works from in her trauma-informed care is switching the narrative from “what’s wrong with you?” to “what happened to you?” Olivia encourages her clients to engage in story-telling around their trauma and processing the memories or self-narratives they hold onto. She strongly believes in the healing that can occur when professional containment and “bearing witness” to one’s experience has occurred during trauma work. With an emotion-focused lens, Olivia encourages emotional congruence from her clients when they’re expressing the emotion behind their trauma and works hard to make them feel seen when doing so. In trauma therapy with Olivia, she also chooses to focus on improving emotional regulation, challenging self-defeating narratives, and processing how trauma has impacted identity or attachments to others.

Olivia’s Approach to Family of Origin Dysfunction & Codependency Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Olivia is naturally relational in the work she does with her clients, and strives to help clients gain insight into the family dynamics or environment they came from. Clients hoping to unpack familial trauma or patterns observed in their family dynamics, is work that comes natural to Olivia. Olivia has an eye for recognizing codependency in others and works with her clients on improving the areas most negatively impacted by codependent tendencies, such as effective communication, boundary setting, and self-assurance/confidence. Olivia has an affinity for all relational work and encourages her clients to bring their interpersonal relationships into the counseling room with them. In session, she might ask you about childhood history, family history, and challenge you to question how these things impact you in present day.

Olivia’s Approach to Sex Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Olivia has taken a strong focus to sex therapy during her education and is thrilled to be exploring sexuality with her clients in the counseling room. She welcomes an inclusive approach to her sex therapy practice including LGBTQIA+ issues, polyamory/ethical non-monology, kink/BDSM, sexual dysfuntion, sexual compulsions, gender identity, and more. She aims to create a safe place for all areas of counseling, but especially for sex therapy as she recognizes the vulnerabilitiy or risk it may take for some to show up ready to explore these issues in today’s world. Olivia hopes to help you realize just how important and common sexual issues are, and is eager to be apart of your sexual empowerment journey and healing!

Olivia’s Approach to Grief Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Olivia’s approach to grief therapy acknowledges that grief and loss may be a universal human experience, but the ways in which we grieve or how it impacts our lives, can differ greatly. She believes our culture has a way of making people feel forced to “get over” or “move on” from their grief, and she aims to challenge this myth of “closure” our culture around grief typically encourages. She focuses on meaning-making, post-traumatic growth, and again, bearing witness to her clients' pain. Grief and loss can cause tremendous pain, and Olivia wants you to know that this is a journey you don’t have to do alone.

Olivia’s Approach to Anxiety and Depression Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Anxiety and depression can be debilitating and can cause major distress for individuals. It can also be hard to recognize what is happening to you and many symptoms can feel unexplained or without purpose. Olivia encourages her clients to get curious about their symptoms and discover how their anxiety or depression can be connected to other areas of their life or lived experiences. Olivia also encourages mindfulness, meditation, and breathing/ grounding techniques to help combat the initial somatic experiences that can disrupt our lives from anxiety and depression. In session she might ask you to explore your self- narratives experienced with your symptoms, and explore how to effectively combat these possibly irrational beliefs held about your sense of self.

Olivia’s Approach to Couples and Family Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Olivia welcomes all sexual orientations and all sexual/romantic partnerships to participate in couples and family therapy! Olivia is also always excited to work with children and adolescents. She typically draws from attachment theory, psychodynamics, and emotion-focused exploration when working with couples and families. In session, she might ask you to mirror what you’re hearing from the other person and encourage openness to improve communication in relationships. Olivia encourages people to come in times of struggle in a relationship dynamic, but also welcomes folks coming in as a more preventive measure or just wanting their relationships to grow deeper, or blossom.

Feel free to self-schedule a virtual psychotherapy session with Olivia today! Olivia Miller is a graduate student of Northwestern University and an Intern Therapist at The Center for Growth. She works virtually with clients in Pennsylvania!

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  • Pennsylvania: Working towards a masters in clinical mental health

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