Melvin Tillman, PhD, MA, LPC (Therapist)

Dr. Melvin Tillman (he/him/his) offers individual, couples, and family therapy, with a specialization in sex therapy. He currently works with clients struggling with anger, anxiety, blended families, depression compulsive behaviors, financial problems, grief, infidelity, panic, phobias, polyamory, self-esteem, sexual harassment, trauma, sexual function / dysfunction. Additionally, Melvin runs an HSV support group on Wednesdays from 7-8pm, and runs a Depression and Anxiety group on Thursdays from 7-8pm.

Dr. Tillman joined the Center for Growth in 2016. He completed a one year - post masters fellowship with us and never left! Dr. Tillman received his Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Illinois, and his Masters in Counseling at Northwestern University. Melvin has his doctorate in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University. His dissertation focused on the factors that lead to a healthy, sexual self-image for women.

Melvin Tillman, PhD, MA, LPC (Therapist)'s Resume

NPI: 1699063560


  • Pennsylvania: PC013181
  • New Jersey: Working towards licensure

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