Maryam Mansur

Maryam Mansur, LLB is NOT taking on any new clients.  Her training program at the Center for Growth ends April 26, 2021.  

Maryam Mansur, LLB is currently a practicum student undertaking a one-year traineeship at the Center for Growth. She works with both individuals and couples. She works with a diverse group of clients ranging from those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, career changes, OCD, self- esteem issues, and relationship issues. Maryam is also committed to working with clients from racial, ethnic, religious and sexual minority backgrounds. Maryam believes in using an integrative approach when it comes to therapy and tailors her approach to what is best suited to a client’s particular needs and issues. She believes in using a flexible and inclusive approach as she believes in treating each client as a unique individual with their own personal preferences, beliefs and goals.

Prior to pursuing Counseling, Maryam worked as a lawyer. She is a firm believer in social justice and these same values have led her to pursue a career in counseling.  During her time as a lawyer Maryam was working primarily in public interest litigation and research. She also served as a law clerk for Justice Asif Saeed Khosa of the Supreme Court of Pakistan from 2013 to 2015. She received her Bachelors of Laws degree from the University of London International Program. She is also currently a Fulbright Grantee and is pursuing a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. 


  • Pennsylvania: Completing her Masters Degree