Kia McNeill (Intern Therapist)

Kia McNeill (Intern Therapist)'s Resume


  • Pennsylvania: Graduate student, under supervision.

Kia McNeill (Intern Therapist)’s Latest TIPs:

Sensory Friendly Tools for Comfort

Carry a familiar item that is sensory-friendly & comforting

It is impossible to avoid all sensory triggering stimuli around you. If you feel you may be “overly” sensitive to emotional, physical, or external stimuli, this tip is for you! Being sensitive may look or feel like avoiding … Read More

Sensory Processing Concerns Post COVID-19
Sensory Processing Concerns Post COVID-19 image

Sensory Processing Disorder (Hyper Sensitivity) in Adults and Post COVID-19

What is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)?

A Sensory Processing Disorder is how your senses (Hear, Smell … Read More

Spotting Grounding Technique
Spotting Grounding Technique image

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, negative feelings and emotions have increased. With having to be in the house for days on end, the mental health field has seen an increase … Read More