Jordon Campbell, LPC (Therapist & Director of Cultural Diversity)

Jordon Campbell (she/her/hers) is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has 12+ years of experience. At The Center For Growth, she works with individuals, couples, children and families to address issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief, co-parenting, infidelity and adjustment difficulties associated with significant life events or transitions. Prior to joining the Center for Growth, she worked with families in a variety of capacities, including case management, home based interventions, and clinical therapy. Her driving passion is to help individuals grow and be empowered by utilizing the most effective and long-lasting approach: supporting the “family” system.

Jordon recently produced the movie The Deepest Cut. The film highlights a character who has a mental illness. We hope that you join this event on March 27, 2021 at Cherry Hill, NJ Loews theater. Tickets are $25 and it is formal attire. There will be strict covid restrictions to protect everyone's safety.

Jordon learned very early on in her mental health career that people do not live in a vacuum and they can only achieve a finite amount of growth until they are impacted by their “families” which include not only biological relationships, but other significant, long-term relationships. She has dedicated her career in finding as many strategies to enhance the health of these family systems by helping individuals access additional resources, improve communication and conflict management, and augment relationship expectations or dynamics. Her goal is to help people break free from unhelpful, generational legacies and to maximize their current strengths.

She has honed these skills working in various settings, such as in-home services for families in crisis; family planning and general sexual health supports in a women’s health clinic; and family restructuring therapy with military families preparing for the deployment of a parent or spouse. As such, she has become extremely adaptive at working with individuals in “untraditional” environments or situations. Additionally, her years of experience working with children of all ages (5-18 years old) has enabled her to develop a large array of communication strategies that emphases non-verbal approaches. Not only is this a requirement for working with younger, less verbal children, but it is a powerful skill set when working with individuals or couples who struggle with accessing their feelings or communicating their needs.

Jordon double majored in Psychology and Spanish at Albright College where she received her Bachelors of Arts. She has a proficiency in Spanish that allows her to support her Spanish speaking clients who may struggle with translating their thoughts clearly into English. Additionally, she received her Master in Community Counseling at Liberty University.

Jordon Campbell, LPC (Therapist & Director of Cultural Diversity)'s Resume

NPI: 1043777626


  • Pennsylvania: PC009619
  • New Jersey: 37PC00785800

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