Janna Frieman, MFT (Associate Therapist)

Janna Frieman, MFT (she/her/hers) is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University’s Couple & Family Therapy Program, where she focused on couple dynamics, grief and trauma.

Many people seek therapy because they feel depressed, hopeless, trapped, or anxious in ways that prevent them from living life fully. Others come because they realize that old ideas, patterns, or behaviors which once protected or helped them have stopped serving them. They may feel disconnected from their loved ones or stuck in cycles in their relationships that feel deeply frustrating. Janna has a deeply felt confidence that everyone can grow towards their fullest potential with the right support.

Janna works systemically, which means that she sees each human being in their unique context and understands how life circumstances can shape our thoughts, behaviors, and options. Where we come from and what we have been through matters.

She welcomes all individuals and couples, and finds particular satisfaction helping people navigate:

A member of the queer community herself, Janna feels honored to work with LGBT/queer/trans individuals and couples. Kink/BDSM competent and supportive. Janna has also received training in the Gottman method of couples therapy. Prior to her career as a therapist, Janna worked in several social justice movements.

NPI: 1013582915


  • Pennsylvania: Working towards licensure

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