Isaiah Iboko

Isaiah Iboko (they/them/theirs) is doing a one-year Therapy Internship at The Center for Growth.  Before shifting to counseling, their academic training (in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies, African American Studies and Social Justice Education) has focused on understanding of systems of oppression, their impact on individuals and communities, and the ways that we can be allies in working towards change. Their previous work experience included serving as a social justice educator in a variety of roles and settings Higher Education, and serving as a support for queer students, trans students, students of color, and aspiring allies as they navigated a variety of life challenges. They are now studying Mental Health Counseling to greater understand how we heal from traumatic and oppressive experiences, to become a better guide for that healing, and to become a support as allies do the self-work necessary to lead healthier lives and work effectively towards change. They are also interested more broadly in the range of conditions and experiences that impact our mental health, and in helping all people to live their best lives: depression, anxiety, domestic violence, sexual assault, navigating inequitable power dynamics in interpersonal interactions, and unlearning shame related to internalized oppression.

Isaiah Iboko's Resume


  • Pennsylvania: Completing a one year masters level internship.