Christian Dozier, LPC, Couples Therapist & Director of Child / Teen Therapy

Christian Dozier, LPC, is the Director of the Child / Teen Therapy Program at The Center for Growth. Her focus is on helping children, tweens and teens who struggle with anxiety, trauma, depression, and loneliness. She facilitates the teen support group and the adult OCD support group at The Center for Growth. She has worked with children in various therapeutic settings since 2003 as a foster care social worker, a child therapist, a forensic interviewer, and as a Special Agent with the FBI.

Christian’s ability to relate to children is rooted in her commitment to meeting them where they are and allowing space for them to grow at their own pace. Christian has patience and takes time to understand the perspectives of children and teens to then know how to guide them. Christian believes that the experiences children have can be just as stressful and anxiety provoking as some of the experiences adults face in their lives. Christian has seen that sometimes well-meaning adults discount a child’s experience because of the child’s age, and a reluctance to believe it should or could be as intense as the child is expressing. Christian provides a space for all children to express themselves and their experiences. Christian emphasizes that children are not alone in their experiences and they are heard.

Christian has a plethora of knowledge and experience with children, teens, adults, and family therapy. If you are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable child, tweens, and teen therapist that possesses compassion, understanding and empathy, Christian is an excellent choice.

Family Therapy and Reunification in Philadelphia

Prior to earning a master’s degree in child and family therapy, Christian worked to improve the lives of families and children. She began her career in 2003 at Tabor Children Services as a foster care social worker in the city of Philadelphia. Christian worked with families by providing counseling services to youth that exhibited behavioral difficulties as well as their biological parents. Christian was able to help families establish and maintain an amicable home environment. Christian also advocated for families during court proceedings in order to help families reach their goals in achieving stabilization.

Christian believes in the family unit. Beginning with her time at Tabor, Christian worked to ensure the parents of families receiving child protective services told their stories and felt understood. Some of the parents in this population endured traumatic events in their lives, came upon hard times, and/or were just overwhelmed as a parent or single parent. Christian provided these parents with the support they needed to feel confident again and to be able to show up for their families. Being a parent is a full-time job that requires a lot of learning, crying, adjustments, sacrifice, understanding, insomnia, and constant worry about the safety and well-being of their child(ren). Christian understands the stressors of a parent from her personal experience of being a mother of three, and experience in the field of social work and counseling. Christian offers parents a space to be real and express the things most parents think but wouldn’t dare say to others. Christian is very understanding and welcomes parents to her space.

Child, Tweens, Teens, and Adult Therapy at The Center for Growth in Philadelphia

Christian Dozier began her professional relationship with TCFG in 2013 as a graduate intern. After graduating from Arcadia University’s Counseling Psychology Program with an emphasis in Child and Family Therapy, she became an associate level therapist and worked for five years at TCFG part time. During her time at TCFG she was a generalist therapist with a focus in child, tweens and teen therapy. As a generalist therapist Christian provided services to children, teens, families, couples, and provided sex therapy. Christian took pride in working with people to identify their strengths and build upon them to help improve the reasons they sought therapy. Christian believes that communication is the key to successful relationships with yourself and others. Her clinical work drew from Behavioral, Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, Imago, Marriage and Family, Mindfulness, Multicultural, and Trauma Focused therapies.

Child, Tweens & Teen Therapy and Child Advocacy

Simultaneously to doing in-person counseling at TCFG, Christian also worked full time for the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA) as a forensic interview specialist. As a forensic interview specialist she obtained statements from children, tweens, and teens and adults with disabilities in which a sexual or physical abuse allegation was reported and / or a murder or death occurred and the child / tween / teen / adult was present. Statements were obtained in a developmentally appropriate manner that was unbiased and legally defensible.

In 2018, Christian left both positions to work for the FBI as a Special Agent. There she sought justice for the victims of sex trafficking and made it her mission to help them work through their trauma to succeed as adults. As an FBI Special Agent, Christian investigated Child Sexual Abuse Material, sextortion, tender age kidnappings, missing children, and Human Trafficking violations. In her role she used various techniques to gather and analyze evidence. She conducted searches, surveillance, and interviews. She led hotel operations to recover juvenile sex trafficking victims. She coordinated with local law enforcement partners, community liaisons, and human sources. She worked with multidisciplinary teams comprised of FBI Victim Specialists, Homeland Security Special Agents, local law enforcement, Department of Human Services social workers, FBI Forensic Interviewers, and Assistant United States Attorneys. Christian built cases against the traffickers and had them prosecuted federally and locally.

From her experience at the FBI, Christian brings a level of legal knowledge around protecting children, as well as knowing the potential risks to children, tweens and teens. If you or your child had been a victim of sextortion and seek help in working through the emotional trauma, Christian is here to help you.

In her role as a Special Agent, Christian valued the one-on-one interactions with the victims, learning their stories, identifying resources for them, and helping them build courage to heal from their victimizations. Because of Christian’s love of therapy and assisting people through tough times, Christian decided to return to therapy as a full time therapist. Christian was excited to be back in the therapy role to have the opportunity to serve as a conduit for her clients to achieve healing, and a healthier, fulfilling, and purposeful life.

Child, Tweens, Teen Therapy Approach

Sometimes, even highly invested loving parents aren’t aware of all the underlying issues behind their child’s behavior. Seeking therapy can help parents better understand their child as well as provide treatment. You don’t have to do this alone. Help is available. Christian has experience with identifying problematic behaviors in children and offering treatment going forward. An example - Christian came in contact with a child client that presented as anti-social, regimented, and shy. This child was a very talented artist that could draw a picture from seeing a skyline just one time. This child’s parent was unsure how to relate to her child and did not know how to proceed. Christian was able to identify that the child was on the Autism Spectrum and emphasized the child’s gifts. Christian was able to work with the parent of the child to understand how her child may see their world and identified some activities that could help the child with their talent and in turn sociability.

Family Therapy Approach

Christian believes that sometimes parents need support. Her focus is on creating an environment that enables parents and their children the space to understand each other and grow together. Christian is committed to working with the family unit to facilitate growth. From her work over the years, Christian has witnesses the impact of childhood adverse experiences and how it might affect a child’s behavior and well-being. According to Christian, these adverse experiences can bleed into adult life as well. Christian has had the experience of working with many individuals that went through these types of experiences and offers hope and space to move through it. Christian knows that it takes time to overcome these types of experiences, and welcomes those who have been impacted. Christian offers an empathetic, compassionate, caring, and understanding space for those that seek help with overcoming their childhood adverse experiences, whether a child, tween, teen or adult.

Christian has conducted trainings at the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, CHOP, for doctor and nursing staff on the topic of obtaining minimal facts from children where an allegation of sexual and physical abuse had been made.
Christian has extensive knowledge and experience with the State, Federal, and Family court systems. Christian has testified in Philadelphia’s Family court on behalf of families receiving social services. Christian has collaborated with the Philadelphia Police Department Special Victims Unit and testified as an expert forensic interviewer witness. Christian has testified in the Federal courts in Oklahoma and in Philadelphia. If you or your child had to navigate these system and experienced stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and confusion, Christian can help you process and work through it. Sign up for a counseling session today.

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