Candace Prescott, MBA

Candace Prescott, MBA is doing a one-year internship at The Center for Growth (ending May 2021), with anticipated graduation for her Master’s degree Clinical Mental health Counseling is August 2021. 

 Candace’s clinical areas of focus are: adolescents, adults, couples, LGBTQ+ individuals and senior citizens that struggle with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, sexual identity, sexual orientation, sexual Function and Dysfunction, parenting, Shame, trauma, self-esteem, life transitions and relationship issues. Creating a safe environment and allowing clients to be free to express their issues and concerns without judgment is a major priority for Candace as an intern and future counselor.

Prior to pursuing a career in counseling, she worked in Human Resources for 10+ years. Throughout her career she encountered clients from a large diverse population which afforded her the ability to gain a major respect for learning and understanding the importance of cultural identities and cultural behaviors. It is her goal to connect and relate to clients from across a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, gender and age. 

Candace is devoted to helping clients find their balance and draws from techniques from existential / humanistic therapy, person-centered therapy, feminists therapy, solution-focused therapy, reality therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. This eclectic approach allows Candace to give her clients a therapeutic experience that is specialized to fit their specific needs. She believes that walking into therapy is the first step to “Doing The Work”, healing and starting a new chapter to a journey that is full of new choices and opportunities.

Candace is driven to help the less fortunate by allowing them to draw up their strengths and natural supports which will allow them to thrive. Her role as a mom strengthened her as a leader, listener and advocate. Her nurturing ability will help her clients to gain the skills and knowledge to create positive changes and walk in their purpose. Furthermore, As an individual who has experienced ups and downs she has continued to flourish through passion, hard work and resilience.  Candace is dedicated to providing best practices and helping clients find their voice and confidence to soar to new heights personally and professionally.

Candace is currently a Master's level Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at Walden University. She holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Social Science from Penn State University. Candace is an active member of the Licensed Professional Counselor Association- of Georgia- Student Affiliate Organization and the International Honor Society Chi Sigma Iota-Omega Zeta Chapter.

Candace Prescott, MBA's Resume


  • Pennsylvania: Graduate Student