Amanda Gigante LSW, MSS, RYT-200, CPRP (Associate Therapist)

Amanda Gigante, LSW, MSS, RYT-200, CPRP (she/her/hers) works with individuals and couples at the Center for Growth. She believes that relationships have the potential to be vehicles for deep healing. Whether or not one comes into therapy alone, or with a significant other, the relationships in our lives have been, and will continue to be highly influential over how we experience our inner and outer worlds.

Amanda uses an integrative and strengths-based approach in sessions to help clients navigate the complex terrain of their lives. She is warm, compassionate and enthusiastic about helping individuals and couples elevate self-awareness and identify areas for growth, while highlighting existing strengths and supports. Amanda has an interest in working with folks who’ve experienced relational trauma, and those coming to terms with family of origin issues. Amanda is sensitive and affirming of all gender expressions and sexual orientations; she is supportive of varying iterations of relationship structures.

Amanda is eclectic regarding technique, and although she enjoys diving deep into the uncharted waters of the psyche, she also acknowledges the need for structure and practicality in the therapy room. Amanda enjoys co-creating coping skills to help clients experience relief in their moment to moment experience. Amanda has studied Zen and various other Eastern spiritual modalities for the greater portion of the last 10 years, and thus, offers techniques rooted in mindfulness and meditation to facilitate contemplation, self-compassion and grounding.

Amanda believes that existentially, we all need to be seen, heard and felt- our experiences must be made real. Validation is often what we’ve missed in childhood, making processes like self-love and self-affirmation more difficult in adulthood. Therapy is an opportunity to realize, grow and potentiate; we all deserve to be who we feel we’re meant to be, and release negative emotional experiences, like, guilt and shame.

Before joining the Center for Growth, Amanda provided therapy to emerging adults in a university setting. She has treated individuals with grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, body image and eating disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She has worked in community mental health as an administrator, ensuring large programs ran successfully to support folks with serious and persistent mental illness. Amanda has worked with children, adolescents, families and adults as a hospital social worker during acute inpatient psychiatric stays.

Amanda is a registered yoga teacher, and believes in supporting a healthy mind and body connection through increasing somatic awareness. She has studied Mindfulness at the Jefferson Center for Integrative Medicine. She is currently working towards certification through the Gottman Institute, which teaches research-based strategies to support couples in therapy.

Amanda Gigante, LSW, MSS, RYT-200, CPRP is a licensed social worker with a Masters in Social Service from Bryn Mawr College, and a Bachelors of Psychology and Law from Rowan University. Additionally, she is a registered yoga teacher, and a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner.

Amanda Gigante LSW, MSS, RYT-200, CPRP (Associate Therapist)'s Resume

NPI: 1013331784


  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania License # SW137634

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